Flamingods “Quesso” - worldbeat stew

Taken from their debut album “Sun” due for release on January 21st, 2013 through Art Is Hard Records. Available as a limited /300 green 12” vinyl + poster combo or in a super limited /100 Flamin’ Goods Hot Sauce package with CD. Pre-order from http://artishardrecords.bandcamp.com now!

“Quesso” is the perfect illustration of Flamingods’ mantra - ‘alien yet accessible’. Tribal chants coincide with tropical pop melodies and all manner of cacophonous drums, topped off nicely with riffs added by legendary Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong.

We’re truly thrilled to have this be the first album we put the Art Is Hard name to as we’ve found it to be the most fresh, exciting and interesting piece of music to hit our ears in quite some time!

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